H.264 Video ES Viewer Pro has been released

H.264 Video ES Viewer Pro has been released. The Pro version provides some video elementary stream manipulation functionalities, such as SEI messages removal, AUD removal and non-IDR slices removal. The Pro version also additionally supports more H.264 structures, such as Slice Header, more than 20 SEI Messages, SPS Extensions and other structures in accordance to the ISO/IEC 14496-10 and the ITU-T H.264 recommendations.

Both Pro and standard version of the solutions are updated with human-readable text hints on all parameters of the implemented structures, as well as some important structure grouping information, displayed at the top of structures.

H264 Video ES Viewer Pro supports all features and structures supported by H264 Video ES Viewer.

The following list contains the additional features available in H.264 Video ES Viewer Pro:

  • SEI messages removal
  • Access Unit Delimiters (AUD) removal
  • non-IDR Slices removal

The following list contains some of the supported H.264 video elementary stream structures:

  • Decoded Reference Picture Marking
  • Prediction Weight Table
  • Reference Picture List Modification
  • Reference picture list MVC modification
  • Supplemental Enhancement Information (SEI) Message
  • Buffering Period SEI Message
  • Picture Timing SEI Message
  • Pan-Scan Rectangle SEI Message
  • User Data Unregistered SEI Message
  • Recovery Point SEI Message
  • Decoded Reference Picture Marking Repetition SEI Message
  • Scene Information SEI Message
  • Sub-Sequence Information SEI Message

Sub-sequence Layer Characteristics SEI Message