WAV Viewer and WAV Viewer Pro are now available

With the WAV Viewer and WAV Viewer Pro products release, WAV file format can be easily examined, verified and validated. The WAV audio format is known to the broadcast and digital media industry for a long time. It is know with its simplicity and ease of use. Nowdays, many broadcast companies are using the format for carrying the audio part of the media in one and multiple languages, where the language exchange can be easily performed on media file level.

The WAV Viewer and WAV Viewer Pro solutions provide visual representation of the WAV container. Supported is the original Microsoft WAV RIFF format (.wav). Binary hex view is available along with the chunk tree view, representing detailed format of the supported chunks. Binary hex data editing of the selected chunk enables the solution for altering and manipulating the media format and content. Along with the presentation capabilities, the WAV Viewer Pro can perform WAV RIFF container verification and validation, according to the Microsoft’s WAV RIFF format standard.

WAV Viewer Pro is a product extension of the standard WAV Viewer product edition.

This is the list with the features supported by the WAV Viewer and WAV Viewer Pro solutions:

  • Visual representation of WAV file container (.wav)
  • Hex data representation of the file
  • Automatic hex positioning of the selected chunk
  • Export of file chunk structure
  • Hex data editing of the selected chunk
  • WAV RIFF files validation – available in WAV Viewer Pro