MPEG-2 TS Validation

MPEG-2 Transport Stream Validation

MPEG-2 TS Validation Module provides validation of the MPEG-2 Transport Stream file container, according to the ISO/IEC 13818-1 System container specification. The validation process examines and validates the internal description tables and streams structure. The validation of a single file takes only a few second, thus enabling the product for fast processing of big number of local or remote files.

MPEG-2 TS file format is the most common stream format used by the broadcasting industry for streaming media, playout and ingest solutions. Enabling simultaneous deliver of multiple programs, the format is commonly used in all satellite technologies.

The MPEG-2 Transport Stream Validation Module is available in the following solutions:

General Features

The following list contains some of the verifications, which are applied by this MPEG-2 TS Validation module:

  • Stream packet alignment validation;
  • Sync byte packet validation;
  • Transport error indicator;
  • Transport stream packet PID validation;
  • Adaptation field validation;
  • Program Association Table (PAT) validation;
  • Program Map Table (PMT) validation.

The following list contains some of the information fields, which are displayed by this MPEG-2 TS Validation module:

  • Transport stream packet size information;
  • Program Access Table (PAT) full description;
  • Conditional Access Table (CAT) description;
  • Program Map Table (PMT) full description.
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