EBU STL Viewer – The EBU Subtitles Revealed


EBU STL Viewer Pro solution provides a structural representation of the EBU STL subtitle file container. Supported is the original Subtitling Data Exchange Format according to the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) specification (.stl). Binary hex view is available along with the General Subtitling Information (GSI) and Text and Timing Information (TTI) blocks tree view. Binary hex data editing of GSI and TTI blocks is available. Along with the presentation capabilities, the EBU STL Viewer can perform EBU STL subtitle file format validation.

EBU STL Viewer Pro also offers EBU STL files verification and validation according to the EBU TECH 3264 format specification.

The currently loaded file in the EBU STL Viewer Pro can be validated by selecting “Validation” from the “Tools” menu.

Main Features

  • Structural representation of EBU STL subtitle file format (.stl)
  • Hex data representation of the file
  • Automatic hex positioning of the selected TTI block
  • Hex data editing of General Subtitling Information (GSI) block
  • Hex data editing of selected Text and Timing Information (TTI) block
  • EBU STL files validation
  • Text encoding codepage selection

The following list contains some of the format validation check groups used in the verification process:

  • GSI block size and completeness validation
  • GSI block structure and fields validation
  • File size and declared TTI blocks validation
  • TTI blocks completeness validation
  • TTI blocks structure and fields validation.

Apart from the manual EBU STL format validation provided in the EBU STL Viewer Pro solution, Jongbel Media Solutions also provides automated EBU STL format validation in its Media Validator solution.

Product Manual

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EBU STL Viewer’s General Info:

EBU STL Viewer Pro Main Preview

EBU STL Viewer Pro Main Preview

STL Validation Module provides validation of the EBU STL subtitle file, according to the EBU “Specification of the EBU Subtitling data exchange format” – TECH 3264 specification. The validation process examines and validates the internal General Subtitle Information (GSI) block and all Text and Timing Information (TTI) blocks structure. The validation of a single EBU STL subtitle file takes only a few second, thus enabling the product for fast processing of big number of local or remote files.

EBU STL Validation Preview

EBU STL Validation Preview

Each EBU STL format check can be disabled or enabled or set to another report type, such as Info, Warning or Error. The solution can be applied in wide variety of workflows and with many container format deviations due to its flexibility and customization ability.

EBU STL Validation Settings Advanced

EBU STL Validation Settings Advanced

The validation report output can be exported into XML report file, containing the full report information in standard XML format. This allows easy integration of the solution with any digital media workflow and further processing of the report information with any third party systems.

The validation takes only a few seconds for an average long and complex media file to be processed.

Supported Structures

Structure TypeDescription
GSIGeneral Subtitling Information
TTIText and Timing Information