Automated Validation – Processing Large Amount of Files with Ease

Automated Validation

Automated Validation  is the modern approach when working with large amounts of media files.

Instant detection and identification of media content issues is essential nowadays. Whether it is quality issues, non-compliance with the regulatory standards or with internal branding policies, the result is always a lower quality of service and user experience.

In a file-based workflow media quality control trough automated validation can save you lots of time and money. We are now witnessing the ongoing increase of file-based media content. And it brings us more and diverse challenges regarding maintaining the quality and compliance of media content troughout production, delivery, distribution, transcoding and archiving.

The most important goal however, is ensuring the highest quality of service and user experience possible. To address this challenge on a larger scale we have developed a scalable and extremely efficient solution for Automated Validation and Quality Control of media files. The Media Validator provides fast and reliable way to evaluate the encoding and multiplex quality of your media content. It allows real-time and fast media processing in easy-to-learn and operate intuitive user interface.  Integration with third-party systems is available through API. No special media content knowledge is required to operate the our Media Validator.

How the Automated Validation of media files works?

It’s simple:

1. First select the validation modules you want to use.

2. Then add one or several watch folders, where the new media files that need to be validated will appear.

3. And finally – start the Media Validator solution.

Whenever new file is copied into any of the watch folders the Automated Validation automatically starts processing the file. Each media file is validated, verified and analyzed according to the pre-defined parameters of the selected validation modules. A log report is created for each validated file.

Log reports can be used for later preview and inspection or for integration with a third party systems, depending on the particular use case workflow.

Not sure how Automated Validation will work for you?

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