AVC/H.264 Video ES Viewer – See and Manipulate What’s Inside


AVC/H.264 Video ES Viewer Pro solution provides a structural representation of AVC/H.264 video elementary stream compliant with the ISO/IEC 14496-10 specification. The application allows the user to investigate the video sequence parameter set, picture parameter set with their extensions and inner structures. Supported are AVC/H.264 video elementary streams with, which have NAL unit separation with start code prefixes as per Annex B in the AVC specification. The solution supports basic HEX data editing of Access Units.

AVC/H.264 Video ES Viewer Pro also supports some video elementary stream manipulations, such as SEI messages removal, AUD removal and non-IDR slices removal. The Pro version also additionally supports more H.264 structures, such as Slice Header, SEI Messages, SPS Extensions and other structures in accordance to the ISO/IEC 14496-10 and the ITU-T H.264 recommendations.

Apart from the manual AVC/H.264 video stream validation provided in the AVC/H.264 Video ES Viewer Pro solution, Jongbel Media Solutions also provides automated AVC/H.264 video validation in its Media Validator solution.

Main Features

  • Structural representation of AVC/H.264 video elementary stream with start code prefix NAL unit separation;
  • NAL units list view representation;
  • NAL units tree view representation;
  • Hex data representation of the file;
  • Automatic hex positioning of the selected block;
  • Hex data editing of the selected Access Unit (AU);
  • Extraction of selected Access Unit into a separate file;
  • AVC/H.264 video stream validation;
  • AVC/H.264 video stream import from MP4, MPEG PS, MPEG TS and MXF media container;
  • Scalable Video Coding (SVC) structures and SEI messages support;
  • Multiview Video Coding (MVC) structures and SEI messages support;
  • Stream decoding to raw RGB32/YUY2;
  • Video frame preview;
  • SEI messages removal;
  • Access Unit Delimiters (AUD) removal;
  • non-IDR Slices removal;
  • Decoding to raw RGB32/YUY2;
  • Video frame preview;
  • AVC/H.264 video elementary stream validation;
  • AVC/H.264 video elementary stream import from MP4, MPEG PS, MPEG TS and MXF container;

The following list contains some of the AVC/H.264 video validation check groups used in the verification process:

  • Corrupted video frames while decoding;
  • Valid video frame resolution check;
  • Changing video frame resolution check;
  • Valid FPS check;
  • Changing FPS check;
  • Changing Field order check;
  • Changing Picture Structure check;
  • Video Stream parameters information;

For detailed validation check list follow the AVC/H.264 Video ES Viewer documentation.

Product Manual

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AVC/H.264 Video ES Viewer Pro’s General Information

AVC H264 Video ES Viewer Pro Main Preview

AVC/H264 Video ES Viewer Pro Main Preview

Stream Frame Graph represents the frame position, type, size and offset information about the frames in the loaded AVC/H.264 video elementary stream.

AVC/H264 Video ES Viewer Stream Frame Graph

AVC/H264 Video ES Viewer Stream Frame Graph


The currently loaded file in AVC/H.264 Video ES Viewer Pro can be validated by selecting “Validation” from the “Tools” menu.

All stream irregularities, such as incorrect video stream structures, errors during video frames decoding or invalid header values are output as Error Report. All irregularities, which are not pointed as mandatory in the corresponding specification, but have unusual content are output as Warning Reports. Additionally there is a set of Informational Reports, which deliver more detailed information about the file being examined, such as the video stream parameters, decoded frames count, etc.

H264 AVC Validation

AVC/H.264 Validation


Each H.264 check can be disabled or enabled or set to another report type, such as Info, Warning or Error. The solution can be applied in wide variety of workflows and with many container format deviations due to its flexibility and customization ability.

H264 AVC Validation Advanced

H264 AVC Validation Advanced

The validation report output can be exported into XML report file, containing the full report information in standard XML format. This allows easy integration of the solution with any digital media workflow and further processing of the report information with any third party systems.

Supported Structures

  • Base NAL unit and Access Unit delimiter structure;
  • Sequence Parameter Set (SPS);
  • SPS vui parameters;
  • SPS hrd parameters;
  • Picture Parameter Set (PPS);
  • Decoded Reference Picture Marking;
  • Prediction Weight Table;
  • Reference Picture List Modification;
  • Reference picture list MVC modification;
  • Sequence Parameter Set Extension;
  • Slice Header;
  • Slice Layer Without Partitioning;
  • Slice Data Partitioning A, B and C;
  • Decoded reference base picture marking;
  • MVC VUI parameters extension;
  • NAL unit header MVC extension;
  • NAL unit header SVC extension;
  • Prefix NAL unit SVC;
  • Sequence parameter set MVC extension;
  • Sequence parameter set SVC extension;
  • Slice data in scalable extension;
  • Slice header in scalable extension;
  • Slice layer extension RBSP;
  • Subset sequence parameter set RBSP;
  • SVC VUI parameters extension;
  • Supplemental Enhancement Information (SEI) Message;
  • Buffering Period SEI Message;
  • Picture Timing SEI Message;
  • Pan-Scan Rectangle SEI Message;
  • User Data Unregistered SEI Message;
  • Recovery Point SEI Message;
  • Decoded Reference Picture Marking Repetition SEI Message;
  • Scene Information SEI Message;
  • Sub-Sequence Information SEI Message;
  • Sub-sequence Layer Characteristics SEI Message;
  • Sub-Sequence Characteristics SEI Message;
  • Full-Frame Freeze SEI Message;
  • Full-Frame Release SEI Message;
  • Full-Frame Snapshot SEI Message;
  • Progressive Refinement Segment Start SEI Message;
  • Progressive Refinement Segment End SEI Message;
  • Motion-Constrained Slice Group Set SEI Message;
  • Film Grain Characteristics SEI Message;
  • Deblocking Filter Display Preference SEI Message;
  • Stereo Video Information SEI Message;
  • Post-Filter Hint SEI Message;
  • Sub-Picture Scalable Layer SEI Message;
  • Priority Layer Information SEI Message;
  • Layers Not Present SEI Message;
  • Quality Layer Integrity Check SEI Message;
  • Temporal Level Zero Dependency Representation Index SEI Message;
  • Temporal Level Switching Point SEI Message;
  • Multiview Scene Information SEI Message;
  • Frame Packing Arrangement SEI Message;
  • MVC scalable nesting SEI message;
  • View scalability information SEI message;
  • Multiview acquisition information SEI message;
  • Non-required view component SEI message;
  • Operation point not present SEI message;
  • Base view temporal HRD SEI message;
  • Parallel decoding information SEI message;
  • View dependency change SEI message;
  • Scalability information SEI message;
  • Non-required layer representation SEI message;
  • Layer dependency change SEI message;
  • Scalable nesting SEI message;
  • Redundant picture property SEI message;
  • Base layer temporal HRD SEI message;