Media Analyzer

The Ultimate Analyzing Tool for manual in-depth analysis, verification and validation of various file formats with support of different video and audio codecs. Metadata extraction and stream manipulation are also available.

Media Analyzer solution provides a structural representation of the inner structure and media validation of QuickTimeMP4, MPEG TS/PS, VVC, HEVC, AVC, AAC and many more media files.

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Media Validator

Fully automated validation solution for instant detection and identification of media file issues. Up to 20 times faster than real-time processing with outstanding accuracy.

Media Validator  is a sophisticated solution for both manual and automated media content quality validation and assessment. No special media content knowledge is required to operate the solution.

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MPEG-DASH Analyzer

The must-have tool for MPEG-DASH streams analysis.

MPEG-DASH Analyzer Pro provides a structural representation of MPEG-DASH stream and segments format as well as the MPEG-DASH audio and video essence structure. Detailed MP4 structure and inner hierarchy of the fragments is presented.

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HLS Analyzer

The must-have tool for HLS streams analysis.

HLS Analyzer Pro provides a structural representation of HLS stream and segments format as well as the HLS audio and video essence structure. Both standard MPEG Transport Stream HLS segments and Fragmented MP4 HLS segments are supported.

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Who have already trusted our solutions?

Media Analysis and Validation Solutions

Jongbel Media Solutions provides tools for:

Structural representation of some of the most popular audio and video file formats and containers with inner hierarchy and parameter list.

Multiple container manipulations such as: verification, validation, demultiplexing, re-multiplexing, data extraction, HEX data editing and more.

Fully automated validation workflows for instant detection and identification of media file issues and metadata manipulation.

Why is media analysis and validation important?

In a file-based workflow environment instant detection and identification of media file issues is critical. It prevents further media related problems thus saving you both time and money.

More than 80% of online traffic is expected to be video within few years. With this in mind companies can no longer ignore the quality of media delivered to their customers.

Integrating Media Analysis and Validation tools in the key stages of media content lifecycle ensures efficient high-level quality control.  The results are increased quality of service and user experience.

How Jongbel Media Solutions can help you?

Jongbel Media Solutions helps different companies to resolve their media file issues. We offer digital media analysis, verification and validation solutions for all kind of workflows for over 18 years now.

Save time & money

We automate your media content validation and analysis tasks. If performed manually this would take huge amounts of time and resources.

Quality control

Integration of our media analysis and validation tools ensures efficient high-level media quality control.  This results in increasing the overall Quality of Service and User Experience.

In-depth analysis

We deliver an excellent performance in terms of time needed to process large volumes of media files with an outstanding precision rate.

Choose the right solution for your workflow

Our solutions help many companies from various business areas to resolve different media quality related issues and to deliver best Quallity of Service to their clients.

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