VVC/H.266 Video ES Viewer – The Versatile Video Coding Exposed

VVC H266 Video ES Viewer

VVC/H.266 Video ES Viewer solution provides a structural representation of VVC/H.266 (Versatile Video Coding) video elementary stream compliant with the ITU-T Rec. H.266 and ITU-T Rec. H.274 specifications. The application allows the user to investigate the video sequence parameter set, picture parameter set and video parameter set with their extensions and inner structures. Supported are VVC/H.266 video elementary streams with, which have NAL unit separation with start code prefixes as per Annex B in the VVC specification. The solution supports basic HEX data editing of Access Units.

VVC/H.266 Video ES Viewer also supports some video elementary stream manipulations, such as SEI messages, AUD, SPS, VPS and PPS removal, AccessUnit-aligned stream cutting and hex editing.

Main Features

  • Structural representation of VVC/H.266 video elementary stream with start code prefix NAL unit separation;
  • NAL units list view representation;
  • NAL units tree view representation;
  • Hex data representation of the file;
  • Automatic hex positioning of the selected block;
  • Hex data editing of the selected Access Unit (AU);
  • Extraction of selected Access Unit into a separate file;
  • Access Unit-aligned stream cutting;
  • SEI messages removal;
  • Access Unit Delimiter (AUD) removal;
  • Sequence Parameter Set (SPS) removal;
  • Picture Parameter Set (PPS) removal;
  • Video Parameter Set (VPS) removal;

Product Manual

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VVC/H.266 Video ES Viewer General Info

VVC H266 Video ES Viewer

VVC H266 Video ES Viewer

Supported Structures

  • Base NAL unit and Access Unit delimiter structure;
  • access_unit_delimiter_rbsp();
  • adaptation_parameter_set_rbsp() (APS);
  • alf_data();
  • decoding_capability_information_rbsp();
  • dpb_parameters();
  • general_constraints_info();
  • general_timing_hrd_parameters();
  • lmcs_data();
  • ols_timing_hrd_parameters();
  • pic_parameter_set_rbsp() (PPS);
  • picture_header_structure() (PH);
  • pred_weight_table();
  • profile_tier_level();
  • ref_pic_list_struct();
  • ref_pic_lists();
  • scaling_list_data();
  • seq_parameter_set_rbsp() (SPS);
  • slice_data ();
  • slice_header();
  • slice_layer();
  • sps_range_extension();
  • sublayer_hrd_parameters();
  • video_parameter_set_rbsp() (VPS);
  • vui_parameters();
  • vui_payload();

Supported Supplemental Enhancement Information Structures

  • sei_alpha_channel_info();
  • sei_alternative_transfer_characteristics();
  • sei_ambient_viewing_environment();
  • sei_annotated_regions();
  • sei_buffering_period();
  • sei_colour_transform_info();
  • sei_content_colour_volume();
  • sei_content_light_level_info();
  • sei_decoded_picture_hash();
  • sei_decoding_unit_info();
  • sei_depth_representation_info();
  • sei_display_orientation();
  • sei_equirectangular_projection();
  • sei_extended_drap_indication();
  • sei_filler_payload();
  • sei_film_grain_characteristics();
  • sei_frame_field_info();
  • sei_frame_packing_arrangement();
  • sei_generalized_cubemap_projection();
  • sei_manifest();
  • sei_mastering_display_colour_volume();
  • sei_message();
  • sei_multiview_acquisition_info();
  • sei_multiview_view_position();
  • sei_omni_viewport();
  • sei_parameter_sets_inclusion_indication();
  • sei_payload();
  • sei_pic_timing();
  • sei_prefix_indication();
  • sei_rbsp();
  • sei_regionwise_packing();
  • sei_sample_aspect_ratio_info();
  • sei_scalability_dimension_info();
  • sei_scalable_nesting();
  • sei_sphere_rotation();
  • sei_subpic_level_info();
  • sei_user_data_registered_itu_t_t35();
  • sei_user_data_unregistered();

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