AVI Validation

AVI Validation

AVI Validation Module provides validation of the AVI file container, according to the Microsoft’s container specification. The validation process examines and validates the internal chunk structure. The validation of a single file takes only a few second, thus enabling the product for fast processing of big number of local or remote files.

AVI file format is one of the oldest, and still widely used, container for file-based digital media. Introduced by Microsoft and then extended by Matrox – OpenDML, it is supported by almost any editing and broadcast solution.

The AVI Validation Module is available in the following products:

General Features

The following list contains some of the verifications, which are applied by this validation module:

  • Chunk size validation;
  • Chunk name validation;
  • Chunk type validation;
  • Chunk completeness;
  • Chunk boundaries;
  • Header chunks values validation;
  • Root RIFF chunk validation;
  • Index chunks values validation;
  • Stream format chunks validation;
  • Required chunks absence.

The following list contains some of the information fields, which are displayed by this validation module:

  • avih chunk full description;
  • strl chunk full description;
  • strf chunk full description;
  • strh chunk full description;
  • dmlh chunk full description;

The following table contains the list of the supported by this validation module chunks:

hdlr Handler Chunk.
strl Stream List Chunk.
avih Main AVI Header Chunk.
strh AVI Stream Header Chunk.
strf AVI Stream Format Chunk.
odml OpenDML Chunk.
dmlh Extended AVI Header Chunk.
movi Movie Data Chunk.
idx1 Index Chunk.
indx Index Of Indexes Chunk.
ix## AVI Super Index Chunk.
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