Jongbel Media Solutions is a global provider of Digital Media Consulting and Custom Software Development services. Our clients are across Broadcast, Digital Signage, Education, Science and Healthcare industries. We work with some of the largest companies in Broadcast and Telecom areas.

Our areas of expertise:
  • DirectShow Based Multimedia Solutions
  • Video Compressions – MPEG-1/2/4, AVC/H.264, HEVC/H.265, DV 25/50/100, JPEG 2000, MJPEG, WMV, ProRes
  • Audio Compressions – MPEG Audio Layer I/II/III, AAC, WMA, AC-3, PCM
  • Multiplexes – AVI, MPEG-2 Transport and Program Stream, MP4, QuickTime, DVB, HDV, ASF, WAV
  • Hardware Multimedia Platforms – BlackMagic – DeckLink, Matrox, Deltacast, FireWire, Amino, Dimeso, Stradis, Mobius, Snazzi, DV Win Plus, Hauppauge, WIBU and more.
  • Play-Out Automation
  • Ingest Automation
  • Graphics Insertion Automation
  • Media Time-Delay Automation
  • Satellite Systems and Technologies
  • Digital Signage Solutions
  • Network Streaming Solutions
  • IPTV Solutions
  • 3DTV Solutions
  • Real-Time and Media Processing Solutions
  • Audio Mixing Solutions
  • PCM Volume Measurement and Adjustment Solutions
  • Digital Media Related Solutions

Technology Consulting

Designing and developing a multimedia software solution, choosing the right development environment, set of APIs, operating system, hardware, building a media turn-key system – all this involves making various important decisions on all levels. Having highly skilled and experienced consultants on your side is vital for taking the right steps, which can lead you smoothly through the designing and development process. With our experience on your side you can get faster and better results.

Our digital media experts are highly experienced with more than 12 years of designing and building various multimedia solutions worldwide for some of the largest companies working in the Broadcast, Digital Signage, Education and Healthcare industries. Thinking outside the box is a must for solving any problems throughout the development process. What we offer is sharing our experience with you.

Software Development

Hand in hand with the technology consulting comes our custom software dvelopment.

Nowadays, the IT industry provides a wide variety of solutions, serving all the industries. More or less, each solution works smoothly for several general scenarios. However, each business case has its specifics and requires a custom solution approach, which would fully meet all the project requirements.

Jongbel Media Solutions specializes in custom software design and development. Our experts command more than ten years of experience designing and developing software applications and solutions for the digital media and broadcast industries.

Media Detection & Quality Analysis

Jongbel AdAnalyzer is a platform for automatic TV ads detection, recording and quality analysis. The platform serves to advertising providers, regulators and advertising agencies for verifying the airing schedule and the video and audio quality of the commercials. Along with the monthly, weekly and daily advertisement detection reports, the platform provides a frame-by-frame quality assessment report.

Features of the platform:

  • Automatic TV commercial detection and recording
  • Monthly, Weekly and Daily detection reports
  • Video quality assessment in percentage, MSE and PSNR
  • Video flipped fields detection
  • Video external logo and graphics detection
  • Video black and freeze frames detection
  • Video frame-by-frame comparison table
  • Audio quality assessment in percentage, MSE and PSNR
  • Audio levels measurement in dB
  • Audio clipping detection
  • Graphical detailed diagrams of the quality measurements

Along with the automatic quality assessment we do offer a manual advanced quality assessment. These are some of the features of the advanced assessment:

  • Audio and video compression quality assessment
  • Color alteration detection
  • Video flickering detection
  • Video blocking detection
  • Video compression artifacts detection
  • Distribution video artifacts detection
  • Dropped video frames detection
  • Aspect ratio alteration detection
  • Quality assessment of text and graphical elements in progressive and field encoding
  • Quality assessment of moving text and graphical elements
  • Detection of mixing of progressive and field encoded video and graphical elements
  • Flipped fields of the video and separate graphical elements
  • Video compression ringing detection
  • Jittering detection
  • Flickering of small graphical elements in field encoded video
  • Asynchronous audio and video detection
  • Audio level fluctuation
  • Audio level comparison with previous and next commercials


Jongbel Media Solutions provides design, development and support of software solutions on all Windows OS based platforms. We work with some of the largest companies in Broadcast, Digital Signage, Education, Science and Healthcare areas.

Playout Automation System

PC based multi-format SD and HD content playout and IP streaming solution. 24/7 unattended operation with MPEG2, AVC/H.264, HDV and DV compression scalability, large variety of sources supported and hardware independence. Ideally suited for time-critical live operations.

Ingest Automation System

Manual, automatic, batch and scheduled capturing. The first software of its kind to enable MPEG2, AVC/H.264 and DV capturing on a wide array of hardware platforms with plenty of capturing facilities such as RS422 or DV deck control, VU/peak audio meter and volume control. Native IEEE-1394 HDV or ASI MPEG2 TS (SD/HD) capturing with real-time UDP streaming.

Timeshift Turnkey System

Lossless image quality, high reliability, low cost product dedicated to meet the needs of satellite teleports, telecoms, international broadcasters and TV networks for delayed TV channel playout. As standard it provides the continuous recording and time-delayed playout (store and forward) of content complete with logo overlay. As an option it can also include full multi-layer interactive graphic CG insertion for more re-branding or graphics-intensive requirements.

TV Capture and Timeshifting System – Ziizap

PC based Media Center, which opens up a whole new experience of entertainment. It supports Music, movies, photo album and television. ZIIZAP Media Center supports multiple TV tuners and a wide range of Media Center remote controls. DirectShow based TV capture, time shift playback implemented with multi-graph technology.

DirectShow Media Source Engine – CoachStudio

DirectShow source filter built with graph bridge technology, delivering uncompressed audio and video streams. Internal playlist of media files having different media formats. The produced streams are gap-less and synchronous. The filter provides the ability for real-time seeking between the playlist elements.

Custom DirectShow Filters – CoachStudio

Series of custom developed DirectShow filters for memory stream rendering and audio and video streams time stamps correction and synchronization.

Windows Media Encoding Engine – Image-Line

Windows Media Encoding Engine performing WMV video encoding, WMA audio encoding and WMV/ASF multiplexing of audio and video memory streams or uncompressed series of saved images.

Media Audio and Video Decoder – Image-Line

Media Audio and Video Player Decoding component is a project for extraction of uncompressed audio and video frames out of any media file. The decoding process uses the DirectShow architecture and the installed decoding components on the computer. Custom streams management filters implementation.

Capture Device Management System – Ingest and Encoding – StopMotion Pro

DirectShow audio/video capture and encoding mechanism. Having any DirectShow compliant capture device as a source, the mechanism performs ingest and encoding of both, audio and video streams. Appropriate compression format can be selected from the available on the system installed codec components.

Audio Editing and Mixing Timeline Engine – StopMotion Pro

Audio multi-track non-linear mixing mechanism, working with multiple uncompressed PCM audio streams, can perform complex tracks arrangement and trimming and level adjustment. Produced timeline arrangement can be mixed and exported into separate uncompressed audio stream or fed to an existing audio and video encoding mechanism.

Virtual WebCamera Engine – Numericable

DirectShow virtual web camera, which exposes all the functionalities of a standard Web Camera. The video source is the computer desktop, which is rescaled to match the required by the device output resolution. Various frame rates are also available. Perfectly integrated with many third-party products, using the on-system installed capture devices, such as Skype, Adobe Flash Media Encoder, Wirecast, etc.

MP4 and QuickTime Custom Remultiplex Engine

The designed and implemented Windows-Linux cross-platform custom MP4 and QuickTime remultiplexing mechanism, can perform atom/box arrangement information extraction, selected atom/box data extraction, manipulation and external data insertion. Implemented as a command-line utility, it can be integrated in any media MP4 and QuickTime processing workflow.

EBU STL Subtitle Conversion Solution

EBU STL Subtitle is a processing, verification and conversion solution, which provides the ability to manipulate every internal STL field, subtitles removal, languages adjustment and timing information and more. Manual and automated processing modes are available for integration in automated broadcast workflows.

XDCAM EX/HD/HD422/IMX Decoding and Encoding Component for QuickTime

Windows based QuickTime encoding and decoding plug-in for QuickTime Player Pro. XDCAM EX/HD/HD422/IMX compressions are supported for both encoding and decoding. The plug-in is integrated in the customer’s broadcast encoding and transcoding broadcast system.

AVC/H.264 and MPEG-2 Video Encoding Consulting

Achieving low bitrate streaming with good quality requires good adjustment of the audio, video encoding, multiplexing and streaming components. This would require strong in-depth understanding of the compressions, multiplex and streaming technologies. Our company provides consulting services in this area.

Playout Automation, Graphics Automation Consulting

Playout, graphics and ingest automation system consulting.

Capture and Playout Turnkey System Design and Architecture Consulting

JPEG 2000, VC-3 and uncompressed capture and playout turnkey system design and architecture consulting.

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