DirectShow Validation

DirectShow Validation

DirectShow Validation Module provides digital media validation using the Microsoft’s DirectShow architecture, which investigates and validates digital media content prior it being used by any playback or digital media related solution. The validation process consists of rendering the media file, which is being validated, in DirectShow graph using the DirectShow filters installed on the validation system, playback of the rendered file, monitoring all the parameters of the rendered streams during the playback and finally destroying the DirectShow graph. This process performs the same actions and can use the same components as any DirectShow-based playback solution for digital media content playback, which allows fast and easy location and verification of any invalid media content.

The validation module supports In-Process and Out-Of-Process DirectShow graph rendering. In the In-Process scenario the DirectShow graphs are rendered in MediaValidator process, which enables verification of digital media content used by In-Process DirectShow playback solutions. The Out-Of-Process validation renders each DirectShow graph into a separate process, making the whole validation process more secured and protected from invalid media content and codecs, which can freeze or crash the entire process. This scenario enables validation and verification of digital media content used by Out-Of-Process DirectShow playback solutions, and is preferred in any workflow for automated Quality Control solution.

The de-multiplexing, decoding and processing DirectShow filters, used in the validation DirectShow graphs, can be the default installed on the system filters, which have the highest filter priority for the system in its category. The validation can also use custom selected filters, which are also installed on the validation system, but not necessarily have the highest filter priority in its category. It is possible to select custom Demultiplexer, Audio Decoder and Video Decoder for the most popular multiplex, audio and video formats. In all cases the names and GUIDs of the DirectShow filter used in the validation process will be printed in the validation log. The custom filter selection for the validation process enables the validation system adjustment to any DirectShow-based playback solution.

The validation process can perform the digital media content verification in real-time, like a normal playback solution, taking only needed for the decoding process system resources. It is also possible to perform the validation process in “Fast Mode”, which speeds up the playback to a speed limited by the available system resources. This mode enables one single validation point to verify and validate digital media content for many playback solutions.

The solution also provides a codec validation, where demultiplexing, decoding and transform DirectShow filters can be tested for valid stream output and memory leaks.

The DirectShow Validation Module is available in Media Validator solution.

General Features

Module Features:

  • Normal and fast media validation speed.
  • Supported resolutions: HD, SD, SQCIF, QCIF, CIF, 4CIF, 16CIF, DCIF and more.
  • Out-Of-Process and In-Process media validation.
  • DirectShow Codecs validation.
  • Black and Freeze Frame detection in normal and fast speed.
  • Timeout selection for loading, unloading, starting and stopping media validation.
  • Preferred DirectShow de-multiplexer selection for all supported multiplex formats.
  • Preferred DirectShow video decoder selection for all supported video formats.
  • Preferred DirectShow audio decoder selection for all supported audio formats.
  • Single-program and multi-program media streams support.
  • Video preview of single-program and multi-program media streams.

The following list contains some of the verifications, which are applied by this validation module:

  • Loading time validation;
  • Play time validation;
  • Stop time validation;
  • Unload time validation;
  • Media duration validation;
  • Average Time Per Frame validation;
  • Media render validation;
  • Dropped video frames check;
  • Drawn video frames check;
  • Average frame rate check;
  • Video stream jitter check;
  • Average video stream offset check;
  • Video stream deviation offset check;
  • Black video frame check;
  • Freeze video frame check.

The following list contains some of the information fields, which are displayed by this validation module:

  • Media duration;
  • Used filters information;
  • Drawn video frames.

The following table contains the validation module supported media formats:

Multiplex Video Audio
MPEG-2 Program Stream DV MPEG Audio Layer I
MPEG-2 Transport Stream DVCPro 25/50/100 (DV HD) MPEG Audio Layer II
MP4 MPEG-1 MPEG Audio Layer II
MOV (QuickTime) MPEG-4 AMR
AVI AVC/H.264 AC-3
MKV VC-1/3 Raw Audio
ASF Raw Video

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