QuickTime/MP4 Validation

QuickTime/MP4 Validation

QuickTime/MP4 Validation Module provides validation of the QuickTime MOV file container according to the Apple’s QuckTime File Format specification. The QuickTime/MP4 Validation module provides also validation of MP4 and 3GP file containers according to the ISO/IEC 14496-12 specification. The validation of fragmented MP4, Smooth Streaming and MPEG-DASH files is also available. The QuickTime/MP4 validation process examines and validates the internal atom structure of the file to the corresponding file format specification. The validation of a single file takes only a seconds, thus enabling the product for fast processing of big number of local or remote files.

MOV and MP4 file formats are widely used in the broadcast, post-production industries. It is used not only in file-based ingest and playout solutions, but for streaming and Video On Demand solutions as well. Being supported by the most popular Apple’s products, MOV and MP4 file formats use is constantly increasing in the world of digital media.

The QuickTime/MP4 Validation Module is available in following products:

General Features

The following list contains some of the verifications applied by QuickTime/MP4 Validation module:

  • Atom size validation;
  • Atom completeness;
  • Index atom entries absence;
  • Required atoms absence;
  • Time scale and duration validation;
  • TrackID values validation;
  • Audio/Sound descriptor validation;
  • Video descriptor validation;
  • Timecode descriptor validation.

The following list contains some of the information fields displayed by QuickTime/MP4 Validation module:

  • moov atom order index;
  • mdat atom order index;
  • mvhd atom full description;
  • QuickTime media duration;
  • hdlr atom full description;
  • Audio/Sound descriptors information;
  • Video descriptors information;
  • Timecode descriptors information.

The following table contains the list of the supported by QuickTime/MP4 Validation module atoms:

c064 Chunk Offset (64 bit offset).
ctts Composition Time To Sample.
dinf Data Information.
dref Data Reference.
edts Edit.
elst Edit List.
hdlr Handler Reference.
mdhd Media Header.
mdia Media.
minf Media Information.
moov Movie.
mvhd Movie Header.
smhd Sound Media Information Header.
stbl Sample Table.
stco Chunk Offset (32 bit offset).
stsc Sample-to-Chunk.
stsd Sample Description.
stss Sync Sample.
stsz Sample Size.
stts Time-to-Sample.
tkhd Track Header.
trak Track.
vmhd Video Media Information Header.
mehd Movie Extends Header.
ssix Subsegment Index.
trex Track Extends Defaults.
tfra Track Fragment Random Access.
mfro Movie Fragment Random Access Offset.
mfhd Movie Fragment Header.
trun Track Fragment Run.
sdtp Independent and Disposable Samples.
sbgp Sample To Group.
tfdt Track Fragment Base Media Decode Time.
sidx Segment Index.
saio Sample Auxiliary Information Offsets.
saiz Sample Auxiliary Information Sizes.
abst Bootstrap Info.
adaf Adobe DRM Access Unit Format.
aeib Encryption Information.
afra Fragment Random Access.
afrt Fragment Run Table.
amhp Adobe Mux Hint Process.
amto Adobe Mux Time Offset.
auth Author Metadata Tag.
btrt Bit Rate.
clap Clean Aperture.
clef Track Clean Aperture Dimensions.
colr Color Parameter.
cprt Copyright Metadata Tag.
dscp Description Metadata Tag.
enof Track Encoded Pixels Dimensions.
esds Elementary Stream Descriptor.
fiel Field Parameter.
flxs Flash Access Params.
frma Format.
hmhd Hint Media Header.
mfra Movie Fragment Random Access.
moof Movie Fragment.
mvex Movie Extends.
nmhd Null Media Header.
pasp Pixel Aspect Ratio.
pdin Progressive Download Information.
prft Producer Reference Time.
prof Track Production Aperture Dimensions.
schm Scheme Type.
sinf Protection Scheme Info.
snro Sequence Offset.
styp Segment Type Compatibility.
tapt Track aperture mode dimensions.
tfhd Track Fragment Header.
tims Timescale Entry.
titl Title Metadata Tag.
traf Track Fragment.
tsro Time Offset.
uuid UUID.
wave Wave Parameter.
chan Audio Channle Layout.
cslg Composition Shift Least Greatest.
ctab Color Table.
ftyp File Type Compatibility.
gmhd Base Media Information Header.
gmin Base Media Info.
ilst Metadata Item List.
load Track Loading Settings.
name Name.
pnot Preview.
tcmi Timecode Media Information.
tmcd Timecode Sample Descriptor.
udat User Data.

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