AAC Audio ES Viewer Pro – The Audio Elementary Stream Revealed

AAC Audio ES Viewer solution provides a structural representation of Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) audio elementary stream compliant with the ISO/IEC 13818-7 specification. The AAC audio frames sequence can be investigated along with the most common parameters of each audio frame in the application’s list view. Detailed AAC audio frame headers information is available in the application’s tree view. Hexadecimal representation of the AAC audio elementary stream file is available in the Hex View module.

AAC Audio ES Viewer Pro additionally provides ADTS AAC audio stream verification and validation according to the ISO/IEC 13818-7 audio format standard.

The currently loaded file in the AAC Audio ES Viewer  Pro can be validated by selecting “Validation” from the “Tools” menu.

Apart from the manual AAC media validation provided in the AAC Audio ES Viewer Pro solution, Jongbel Media Solutions also provides automated AAC stream media validation in its Media Validator solution.

Main Features

  • Structural representation of Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) audio elementary stream;
  • ADTS frames list view representation;
  • ADTS frames tree view representation;
  • ADTS fixed header tree view representation;
  • ADTS variable header tree view representation;
  • Hex data representation of the file;
  • Stream Frame Graph presentation;
  • Automatic hex positioning of the selected block;
  • AAC audio validation.

The following list contains some of the container validation check groups used in the verification process:

  • Corrupted AAC audio frames;
  • Changing header parameters;
  • Valid audio header parameters;
  • Junk data blocks detection;
  • Audio Profile information;
  • Audio Frequency information;
  • Audio Channels configuration information.

Product Manual

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AAC Audio ES Viewer Pro’s General Info

AAC Audio ES Viewer Main Preview

AAC Audio ES Viewer Main Preview

All stream errors, such as incorrect audio stream structure or invalid header values, pointed as mandatory in the corresponding specification are output as Error Report. All audio stream irregularities, which are not pointed as mandatory in the corresponding specification, but have unusual content are output as Warning Reports. Additionally there is a set of Informational Reports, which deliver more detailed information about the file being examined, such as the stream format, media duration, etc.

AAC Audio Validation

AAC Audio Validation

Each AAC stream check can be disabled or enabled or set to another report type, such as Info, Warning or Error. The solution can be applied in wide variety of workflows and with many container format deviations due to its flexibility and customization ability.

AAC Audio Validation Advanced Settings

AAC Audio Validation Advanced Settings

The validation report output can be exported into XML report file, containing the full report information in standard XML format. This allows easy integration of the solution with any digital media workflow and further processing of the report information with any third party systems.

The validation takes only a few seconds for an average long and complex media file to be processed.

Supported Structures

  • AAC audio elementary stream – ADTS sequence;
  • ADTS fixed header;
  • ADTS variable header;