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when you need to:

– automatically detect media file issues;

– process large numbers of media files;

– automatically extract metadata from media files.

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when you need to:

– analyze multiple media file formats;

– manually extract metadata from media files with different  formats.

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when you need to

analyze a specific media format only.

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Media Validator is an intelligent solution for automatic media files validation and verification.


Media Analyzer provides analusis and verification of diverse file formats in a single solution.


Professional tools are powerfull analyzing solutions for harmonious processing of single file format.

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General field of application – Whenever media quality matters for your business!
Whether  you want to
– deliver the best possible user experience,
– achieve higher media quality,
– extract and/or manipulate certain video metadata or
– perform in-depth video analysis,
our professional validation and analysis solutions can make your work easier and faster.


Media validation and analysis help media production companies increase the overall quality of their media content. The distribution and usage of corrupted or invalid media content in production stage can be completely avoided and the operational costs reduced. Our Analysis and Validation solutions can help you deliver outstanding Quality of Service.  We ensure validity and consistency of produced media, significantly reducing processing time and costs.


Our media analyzers allow hidden metadata and information extraction as well as investigation of any suspicious media content. Manual analysis solutions help government forensic organizations in their efforts to find out and pursue illegal media organizations, detect illegal manipulation of media files and track the source of media content under investigation.


Media validation and analysis solutions can automatically detect and notify for problematic, incomplete or corrupted media content. The early detection of any media content issues provides broadcasters with time for reaction and ultimately results in increasing the overall Quality of Service and User Experience. The manual analysis helps broadcast engineers to detect and analyze media content issues in details.


Preserving quality media content for future re-use is not a challenge-free task. Not allowing an invalid or corrupted media content to be stored in the archives is vital. Automated Validation integrated in the digitalization and archiving workflows can save you lots of trouble later. Verification and validation of the media content prior archiving is critical for ensuring every part of your archive is good and ready. If transcoding is involved – another QC and validation check should be performed afterwards so to ensure that no errors have occurred during the transcoding.


Even well optimized distribution can lead to certain data loss and content corruption. Our Automated Validation solutions can easily detect any corruptions, errors and irregularities, restricting corrupted media usage throughout the distribution stage. Our Manual Analysis solutions provide companies with detailed in-depth investigation tools to help narrow down and resolve media issues.


Our automated validation and analysis solutions are especially designed to work with huge amount of media files and streams. The processing speed for validation and verification is up to 20 times faster than real-time, and much faster – for metadata extraction. Extracting and analyzing different types of media content metadata is quick and easy. Integration with third party systems is provided through API.


With their unprecedented processing speed Automated Validation solutions are perfect for big data aggregation and analysis. Metadata extraction from large volumes of media files is not a big deal for  our validation solutions. And the extracted data can be easily accessed and further processed by third party systems through the our API.


Advanced media content analysis and validation – both manual and automated, can greatly speed up the quality assurance processes and simplify the debugging in any media related workflow. Furthermore – they can guarantee the consistency of the generated media content. Our solutions can also be used to verify and approve the aptness and quality of any media processing or transcoding solution. In-depth media analysis enables problematic media segments localization and inspection.

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