AtomBox Studio 2.5 has been released

The new AtomBox Studio 2.5 has been released with some exciting new features.

The new release of AtomBox Studio comes with a support of the latest MPEG-DASH MP4 modifications and many new atoms and boxes, providing in-depth structural detailed analysis of the container, container and elementary streams validation and verification, media streams manipulation functionality.

Some of the features included in the this version are:

  • Stream Frame Graph presents a graph with the track samples
  • MP4/MOV, H.264, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, AAC verification and analysis
  • Hex text search and offset
  • User Data appending and extracting
  • Text, Closed Captioning and Subtitles tracks support
  • Integrated H.264 SPS and PPS structures
  • Fragmented MP4 / Smooth Streaming, AVC/H.264 and AAC validation

AtomBox Studio 2.5 is available in two separate editions – Pro and Ultimate. The Pro edition of the product includes the basic MP4, QuickTime, 3GPP, ISMV, F4V and all sub-formats in-depth structural analysis. All container manipulation functions, such as elementary stream demultiplexing, tracks remultiplexing, moov and mdat reordering, user data appending and extraction, track disabling/enabling, atoms/boxes renaming, etc., as well as the Dual Mode of the product allowing two files comparison. AtomBox Studio Pro also includes all the features available in the Standard edition, along with the MP4 and MOV containers validation, inspecting the compliance of the container with the corresponding file format specification. AtomBox Studio Ultimate includes all the functionalities of the Standard and Pro edition, and additionally includes audio and video elementary streams validation. The Ultimate edition includes validation of the following format compressions: AVC/H.264 video, MPEG-4 video, MPEG-2 video and AAC audio. The validation of audio and video elementary streams performs some basic stream structure analysis and full stream decoding, reporting the successfully decoded samples and the corrupted samples if any. The validation is performed faster than real-time.