Media Muxer Command Line Released

Media Muxer Main Preview

The new GUI version of Media Muxer is now released. It is part of the GUI Media muxer package. Media Muxer command line is designed for easy integration in any automated media processing workflow. Along with the standard MPEG, MP4 and MXF multiplexing and demultiplexing functionality, which is available in the GUI version of the solution, the Media Muxer command line version offers the “Watch Folder” functionality for both multiplexing and demultiplexing. Easy to use solution having straightforward interface.

Media Muxer is a powerful tool for file-based digital media multiplexing and de-multiplexing. It can be used for multiplexing of audio and video elementary stream files and for demultiplexing media files to audio, video, subtitle, teletext, user-data and other binary elementary stream files. For more details visit Media Muxer product page.