Subtitle Converter Released

The new Subtitle Converter solution has been released. It supports conversion between more than fifty popular subtitle formats. The Subtitle Converter can be used in Batch mode for manual subtitles conversion and in Watch Folder mode for automated subtitle conversion. The logging and messaging functionality, available in both Batch and Watch Folder modes, enables for subtitle conversion monitoring of the solution by operator as well as automated monitoring of the saved logs and messages files. The average processing time of one subtitle file is less then a second, thus allowing fast and simultaneous processing of huge amounts of subtitle files from multiple source to multiple destination local on system and network locations. The solution is embedded into easy-to-use graphical user interface.
Supported subtitle file formats are Advanced Substation Alpha; AQTitle; DKS Subtitle Format; JACOSub; Karaoke Lyrics LRC; MPlayer; MPlayer 2; OVR Script; Panimator; Phoenix Japanimation Society; Power DivX; Softitler RTF; Sasami Script; MacSUB; Spruce DVDMaestro; SubRip; SubStation Alpha; Sonic Scenarist; Stream SubText Player; Stream SubText Script; Spruce Subtitle File; EBU STL Subtitle File; Softni; SonicDVD Creator; DVDSubtitle; MicroDVD; MPSub; Philips SVCD Designer; SubSonic; SubViewer 1; SubViewer 2; Turbo Titler; Adobe Encore DVD; Captions 32; Captions; CPC-600; DVD Junior; DVD Subtitle System; FAB Subtitler; I-Author Script; Inscriber CG; MAC DVD Studio Pro; Pinnacle Impression; PowerPixel; QuickTime Text; SubCreator 1; TMPlayer; Ulead DVD Workshop 2; Karaoke Lyrics VKT; ViPlay Subtitle File; ZeroG.
Subtitle Converter Key Features:
  • Batch subtitle conversions
  • Watch Folder automated subtitle conversions
  • Support of some of the most popular subtitle formats
  • Operations sequence logging
  • Messages logging