Jongbel Media Muxer has been released

Jongbel Media Muxer has been released. The solution provides file-based multiplexing functionality for multiplexing of audio and video elementary stream files to the three most popular formats MPEG, MP4 and MXF and most of the popular sub-format variations. It also provides file-based demultiplexing functionality for demultiplexing of MPEG, MP4, MXF and AVI media files to audio, video, subtitle, teletext, user-data and other binary elementary stream files.

Jongbel Media Muxer features include:

  • Video and audio elementary streams multiplexing
  • Video, audio, subtitle, teletext, user-data demultiplexing
  • MPEG multiplexing and demultiplexing support
  • MP4 multiplexing and demultiplexing support
  • MXF multiplexing and demultiplexing support
  • AVI demultiplexing support
  • Easy to use Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Visit the Jongbel Media Muxer product page for more information.