Media Analyzer – Our Ultimate Analysing Solution Has Been Released

Media Analyzer PRO

We’re proud to announce our new product Media Analyzer, which combines the functionality of all our media analysis solutions in one single product. The solution provides structural representation of some of the most popular media formats, such as MP4, QuickTime, MPEG Transport Stream, MPEG Program Stream, AVI, WAV, HEVC/H.265 Video, AVC/H.264 Video, MPEG-2 Video, ProRes Video, AAC Audio, MPEG Audio, AC-3 Audio and EBU STL Subtitles, and is provided in two versions – Standard, Pro and Ultimate. The standard version includes the general media formats structural representation and streams manipulation. Each media format is presented in a suitable form for the corresponding format. Different media manipulation functions are available for the different media formats, such as demultiplex, remultiplex, blocks, headers and frames extraction, insertion, removal and merging,  elementary stream decoding, hex editing and more. Hexadecimal preview is available for loaded media file and automatic positioning on header/block selection. Stream and frames graph display is available for better frame preview and positioning.

The Pro version extends the Standard version with the container validation functionality. The following validation modules are available in Media Analyzer Pro: MOV/QuickTime Validation, MPEG Transport Stream Validation, MPEG Program Stream Validation, AVI Validation and WAV Audio validation. The validation of the multiplex layer verifies the structural compliance of the media files with the corresponding media format specification. The validation modules can be enabled/disabled for specific validation task and also can be configured to exclude or change the report type of any single validation check. The validation report is output in the Media Validation Report form integrated in the Media Analyzer Pro and Media Analyzer Ultimate solution. The validation report can also be exported to XML, CSV, TXT for further automation and integration with third party systems and also exported to HTML and PDF for human-readable preview.

Media Analyzer Ultimate extends the Standard and Pro version of the product with the audio, video, subtitles, images and XML validation functionality. The following validation modules are available in Media Analyzer Ultimate: AVC/H.264 Video Validation, HEVC/H.265 Video Validation, MPEG-2 Video Validation, MPEG-4 Video Validation, VC-1 Video Validation, VC-3 Video Validation, DV 25/50/100 Video Validation, AAC Audio Validation, MPEG Audio Validation, EBU STL Subtitle Validation, Image Validation and XML Validation. The audio and video elementary streams are verified for structural compliance with the corresponding media format specification and fully decoded for detection of corrupted audio and video frames. Each validation module reports some basic media format information, which is included in the output validation report. AVC/H.264 and HEVC/H.265 validation modules additionally provide per-frame video preview.