Our Media Analyzer Ultimate was purchased by SONY Computer Entertainment!

We are proud to inform that about a week ago, after detailed testing,  our Media Analyzer Ultimate was purchased by SONY Computer Entertainment Korea.The solution will help SONY Laboratories to perform in-depth media file analysis, verification and validation of multiple file formats and containers.

Media Analyzer Box

Media Analyzer Ultimate

Media Analyzer Ultimate offers:

– QuickTime, MP4 files verification and validation according to the Apple’s QuickTime File Format standard and the ISO/IEC 14496-12/14 standard;

– MPEG Transport and Program Stream files verification and validation according to the ISO/IEC 13818-1 standard;

– AVI and DivX files verification and validation according to the Microsoft’s AVI format standard;

– and WAV RIFF files verification and validation according to the Microsoft’s WAV RIFF format standard.

It also performs HEVC/H.265 Video, AVC/H.264 Video, MPEG-4 Video, MPEG-2 Video, VC-1 Video, VC-3 Video, DV Video, AAC Audio, MPEG Audio and EBU STL Subtitle Validation. The solution enables  not only the container validation but also the audio, video elementary streams, image and subtitles validation. The validation of elementary streams is performed by on-the-fly demultiplexing and verification of all audio and video elementary streams subsequently.

Learn more about the Media Analyzer’s awesome features here!