AC3 Audio ES Viewer release

AC3 Audio ES Viewer product has been released. The application provides a visual representation of the structure of AC-3 audio elementary stream according to the ATSC A/52 specification. The AC3 audio frames sequence can be investigated along with the most common parameters of each audio frame in the application’s list view. Detailed AC3 audio frame headers information is available in the application’s tree view. Hexadecimal representation of the AC3 audio elementary stream file is available in the Hex View module. AC3 Audio ES Viewer solution is useful for detailed AC-3 elementary streams investigation and error detection.

Advanced Codec 3 (AC3) is a lossy audio compression widely used in TV broadcast industry, DVD-Video, Blu-ray discs, game consoles, such as Xbox and Sony PlayStation, and other digital media solutions.

AC3 Audio ES Viewer has a “check for update” functionality, which allows immediate alert on new product version release.

Some of the product features are listed below:

  • Visual representation of AC-3 audio elementary stream
  • AC-3 syncframes list view representation
  • AC-3 syncframes tree view representation
  • AC-3 Synchronization Information Header (syncinfo) tree view representation
  • AC-3 Bit Stream Information Header (bsi) tree view representation
  • Hex data representation of the file

Automatic hex positioning of the selected audio frame