VVC/H.266 Video ES Viewer

VVC/H.266 Video ES Viewer is our newly released tool for structural representation of the VVC bitstream. The tool exposes all compression structures, up to slice_data(), including SPS, PPS, VPS, APS, PH, according to the ITU-T Rec. H.266 and all Supplemental Enhancement Information (SEI) structures, according to the ITU-T Rec. H.274. Frame graph and GOP graph preview is available for previewing the overall bitrate distribution in the stream. Apart from the standard visualization capabilities, the tool exposes some bitstream manipulation functionalities, such as specific Access Units removal, AU hex editing as well as AU-aligned stream cutting.

VVC H266 Video ES Viewer

VVC/H.266 Support In AtomBox Studio And Media Analyzer

VVC support has been added into AtomBox Studio and Media Analyzer.

AtomBoxStudio VVC

VVC related structures, such as SPS, PPS and VPS, are directly exposed in the ‘stsd’ box on the MP4 container level. Stream view exposes the VVC bitstream structure with the integrated VVC Viewer. The tool also provides MP4 demultiplex of VVC/H.266 streams in conformance with the Annex B of the VVC standard. Media Analyzer integrates both VVC/H.266 stream view and MP4 files with VVC essence. 

VVC/H.266 video bitstream

Versatile Video Coding (VVC/H.266) is the newest video compression standard. It is accepted as the successor of the High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC/H.265). It targets high resolutions, such as 4K, 8K and 16K as well as 360 videos. The ultimate goal of this standard is to reduce the video bitrate by up to 50%, compared to HEVC, without losing visual quality. A whole new set of internal compression tools were introduced in order to pursue the bitrate reduction goal. It is true that it might require up to ten times more computational resources for encoding VVC compared to HEVC and two times more for decoding VVC. But the constant advancement of the computational technology guarantees a promissing future for this compression.

The new VVC viewer and VVC extensions of the existing products are meant to help video engineers working on VVC solutions and workflows with in-depth VVC bitstream insight.