Biggest social media network invites Jongbel Media Solutions for software supplier

No names shall be mentioned – no trademarks shall be referred – and we won’t 🙂

Jongbel Media Solutions, a small self-funded family company, based in Sofia, Bulgaria is now part of the software supplier group of the biggest social media in the world. Some of the big names in our portfolio are Warner Bros. DiscoveryMicrosoftSonyAdobeDisneyDolby.

We’re proud to announce joining the software supplier group of the world’s largest social media network. The enterprise has selected our media analyzers for analysis and validation for their media content. Additionally, the company will take advantage of in-the-cloud installation, taking the analyzer close to where the media is stored. This will also reduce stream transfers and will keep the security norms for the intellectually-protected content. Our customers can choose to install our solutions either in the cloud or on premise. Most of our customers prefer the latter due to intellectual property of most of the content they use.

How we got here

For almost two decades we’ve been providing software solutions for in-depth digital multimedia analysis and validation. Initially, we developed the first tools for our internal use when investigating digital multimedia related issues. Our analyzers soon became popular among the top video and audio software engineers in the world. In time the tools have evolved into complex solutions, serving not only the broadcast industry, but also the multimedia production, medical and forensic industries.

Keeping the pace with the fast moving world of video technology has never been easy. New audio and video codecs are periodically released. New format extensions constantly emerge. As the rest of the software industry, we also have to respect the open-source alternatives as well as the tough competition in this extremely small vertical market. What’s unique about our solutions is the combination of stream representation strictly from the format perspective, asset validation and the ability for specific stream manipulation. We believe those are the main pillars of professional multimedia analysis.

About Jongbel Media Solutions

Jongbel Media Solutions offers high-end digital multimedia analysis, verification and validation solutions and services since 2005. The company provides a wide range of analyzers for manual in-depth structural analysis, quality assessment, verification and validation of some of the most popular media file formats.

Since 2015 Jongbel entered the broadcast industry, registering the Jongate Broadcasting brand. The product line of Jongate features Playout, Playlist, Graphics, MultiViewer, Encoder, Capture and Streaming solutions.

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