SVC & MVC support in H.264 Video ES Viewer

The latest release of H.264 Video ES Viewer offers SVC & MVC support.

The Scalable Video Coding (SVC) extension of the AVC/H.264 video compression is defined in Annex G in ITU-T H.264 recommendation and the Multiview Video Coding (MVC) extension is defined in Annex H from the ITU-T H.264 recommendation.

This is the list of the SVC & MVC support header structures and SEI messages:

  • Decoded reference base picture marking
  • MVC VUI parameters extension
  • NAL unit header MVC extension
  • NAL unit header SVC extension
  • Prefix NAL unit SVC
  • Sequence parameter set MVC extension
  • Sequence parameter set SVC extension
  • Slice data in scalable extension
  • Slice header in scalable extension
  • Slice layer extension RBSP
  • Subset sequence parameter set RBSP
  • SVC VUI parameters extension
  • MVC scalable nesting SEI message
  • View scalability information SEI message
  • Multiview acquisition information SEI message
  • Non-required view component SEI message
  • Operation point not present SEI message
  • Base view temporal HRD SEI message
  • Parallel decoding information SEI message
  • View dependency change SEI message
  • Scalability information SEI message
  • Non-required layer representation SEI message
  • Layer dependency change SEI message
  • Scalable nesting SEI message
  • Redundant picture property SEI message
  • Base layer temporal HRD SEI message

All SVC and MVC header structures and SEI messages are supported in the Pro version of the H.264 Video ES Viewer solution.