MPEG-2 video validation option is released

MPEG-2 video validation option is now released in MPEG Video ES Utils Pro. MPEG Video ES Utils is an easy to use MPEG-2 video stream viewer, analyzer, utility for stream manipulation and validation. The Pro version of the product now includes MPEG-2 video elementary stream verification and validation.  The MPEG-2 video stream validation is according the ISO/IEC 13818-2 specification.

Error video frames, incorrect Sequence header, GOP header and Picture header structures and changing stream parameters are easily detectable with the new MPEG-2 video validation module.

The following list contains some of the container validation check groups used in the verification process:

  • Corrupted MPEG-2 video frames
  • Sequence Header values check
  • Sequence Extension values check
  • Picture Header values check
  • Picture Extension values check
  • Frames slices count check
  • GOP frame structure check

Each validation check and informational field of the validation module is configurable, which makes it easier to integrate the product with any third-party system and in any workflow. The validation process is faster than the real-time media file duration and depends on the system resources.

The MPEG-2 video validation module is available for manual validation and verification in the MPEG Video ES Utils solution, and is also available for automated verification and validation in the Media Validator solution.