New version of QuickTime Atom Viewer has been released

New version of QuickTime Atom Viewer has been released, introducing some new features.

The new release allows moov and mdat atoms position switching. This functionality is required for making QuickTime and MP4 files compliant with the latest progressive-download solutions, used by many internet streaming companies.

The new track enabling and disabling functionality is extremely useful for investigating problematic or invalid QuickTime, MP4 and 3GP files. By disabling and enabling the separate media tracks in the container, it is easy to locate the track, which might cause the particular problem or make the whole media file invalid.

Appending data atom file to an existing MOV or MP4 file becomes more and more common approach for inserting and conveying user data inside this container for many solutions. QuickTime Atom Viewer introduces this functionality to its customers with this new release.

It is now possible to copy the text from both hex view and tree view boxes.