Monthly Subscription Available

As of today we offer monthly subscription plans for all our solutions. The licensing mechanism will work as before, with the exception that the provided licenses will be active for the subscription period. The period starts from one month up to one year. The perpetual licenses will be available to our customers upon request only.

Our solutions are now available with a monthly subscription plans.

How Subscription Works

Once the license expires the solution will stop working. Should a need for it arises the solution can easily be activated again by buying new subscription plan. All procedures like buying, downloading, registering, activating and de-activating will be done via internet.

Why Subscription Model

We believe the new model will be much more suitable for our customers. The media analysis solutions are usually required in case of media issues which required investigating and resolving. In most cases such occasions are not that regular. By offering our solutions on subscription basis we guarantee to our customers that they can have the necessary analysis tool when they needed it and not longer than required. This way our customers can actually reduce their spending on media analysis.

Maintenance and Support in Subscription Plans

In addition, with the new subscription model our customers will automatically get the latest versions of the solutions as well as a full maintenance and support for the subscribed period.

Subscription Plans

You can find all our subscription plans for our solutions published in our Download & Buy page. As usual, the prices are per one solution installed on one physical system. Prices in EUR and USD are available.

What’s next

Now the new pricing model is a fact, we’re excited and will continue our work on improving our media analysis solutions.

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