AtomBox Studio in Dual Mode

The new AtomBox Studio has been released. The new version can be used in two general modes – Single Mode and Dual Mode. The Single Mode allows the user to perform QuickTime file based and MP4 file based analysis and container manipulation, whereas in Dual Mode the solution can be used for analysis and comparison of the container hierarchy, inner structure and atoms/boxes fields of two file containers. In Dual Mode the two files are placed side by side, for convenience in the comparison process.

Media comparison is a standard procedure for tracking down the differences between two media files, which have the same container and elementary streams compression. The most common case is when a certain media file is working in given media workflow and another media file is not. The logical approach is then to find the difference between the two media files. AtomBox Studio is the solution, which allows such comparison for all QuckTime and MP4 file based containers.